Restorative Justice Symposium 2024

On February 29th and March 1st, Restorative Justice Provider Managers from across the
country gathered in Lyall Bay, Wellington, for a Restorative Justice Symposium hosted by
Simply Resolution.

Our Manager, Tracey Wakefield, attended the event and shared some of her reflections.

It was truly uplifting to be in a venue so close to the sea. This beautiful location provided the
perfect setting for envisioning a brighter future. It’s a rare opportunity for all providers to
come together, and we are deeply grateful to Simply Resolution for organizing this event. We
discussed the challenges of our work and explored solutions and possibilities
for bringing about system-level change. Personally, I found great inspiration in the
presentation by Associate Professor Brigit Mifin-Veitch, Director of the Donald Bealey
Institute, who shared their Access to Justice research. This presentation sparked hope about
how data can be leveraged to enhance outcomes and improve access and value in
Restorative Justice processes. Over the two days, we delved into potential solutions for
better engagement with stakeholders, promoting restorative justice, utilizing technology and
data, and addressing the challenges faced by providers and facilitators. It was a meeting
brimming with a strong desire for meaningful action. Watch this space for positive

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