Facilitating your restorative journey

Restorative Justice Services Ōtautahi are trained in facilitating Restorative journeys.

We guide and support participants through the process every step of the way.

Understanding and insight

Creates accountability

Gain clarity

He aha te mea nui o te ao, He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

Why Restorative Justice

After the trials of conflict, the least we deserve is to be able to move on

What is Restorative Justice?

At the core of our process is being responsive to the needs of our participants. Our team work to guide, support and prepare participants for a potential conference. A conference is a guided, safe and voluntary meeting between those who have been harmed and those who have caused harm. Our team will prepare you for this meeting and work to ensure that what happens is safe, appropriate, and responsive to the needs of all participants.

  • We facilitate a process where those who have been harmed can express their voice and seek to have any questions answered
  • Create an environment where all parties get a chance to speak, the future is explored, and agreements can be reached
  • Help connect people to a range of support systems
  • Assist with follow-up arrangements as necessary

Will it work for me?

During a Restorative process, participation is voluntary at each step of the process. Safety is paramount. Our facilitators only move forward if they believe that all participants are safe.

This process is an opportunity for those who have been harmed to talk with the person who caused harm. They can tell their story about the impact of the harm and state what they would like to see happen in the future.

It is an opportunity for the person who caused harm to acknowledge the harm and take accountability for their actions.

It is a process that helps participants explore further, how to move forward.

Who we work with

We facilitate Restorative processes within the court system and for other government agencies, private organizations and workplaces.

Restorative Justice for Courts and Justice System

If you’re involved in a court proceeding where an offender has admitted guilt, a Judge may direct a Restorative Justice process be explored. We facilitate change for both victims and offenders.

Restorative Services for Organisations

Just as Restorative practice is highly effective in the public arena, it is also an excellent choice for other conflicts. We facilitate a safe space for conflict resolution and healing. link to Learn more page with title Restorative Justice for organizations.

Some of our Stories

Read some of our facilitators and participants experiences with the Restorative process.

An evaluation from an offender

I feel the balance is just right. Both parties had time to express themselves. The meeting went smoothly, no pointing the finger at each other or blaming each other. Just a mature approach to this event and a peaceful, forgiving and calm closure.

A victims feedback

After an event that happened some years ago, I found myself given the opportunity to undertake Restorative Justice. The outcome was so transformative that I later decided to go and train to become a restorative…

Police need to know that Restorative Justice is not a soft option. It holds offenders to account more than Courts in some instances, involves victims more in the process and allows them to have their say. It has a better outcome overall than Courts and reduces reoffending

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Who are Restorative Services Ōtautahi

Restorative Justice Services Ōtautahi is a Charitable Trust that has been providing restorative processes since 1998.

We are funded by the Ministry of Justice to provide restorative justice processes for people going through the court system. We can also work on referrals post-sentencing or outside of the court system.